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A walk in the centre of the eastern part of the city.

It is interesting, how diverse the cityscape in Berlin can be.

Wasserturmplatz is located around Berlin’s oldest remaining water tower, which is a landmark of this city district that can be seen for miles. It was built between 1877 and 1878 by engineer and waterworks director Henry Gill to supply water to the growing population and to Berlin’s brewery site.

Later that day a visit in Berlin’s first public park built in 1846. 

The idea of the park came from Peter Joseph Lenné. Parts were gradually added to it: the Märchenbrunnen with ten statues from Grimm’s fairy tales was completed in 1913.

To be there is especially in summer awesome. There is plenty of space: for joggers and rollerbladers, beach volleyball. badminton or frisbee, relaxation and picnic. You can drink a coffee or go in an open-air cinema at night.

The best-known square in East Berlin, Alexanderplatz,

is only 10 minutes walk from the park away. Named after Tsar Alexander I, who visited the Prussian capital in 1805. Since reunification, Alexanderplatz has been in a constant state of change: a shopping centre, a multiplex cinema, a department store, shops, hotels – more and more facilities are being built, yet there are still gaps. There are plans for several high-rise buildings around the square, but whether and in what form this project takes place has not yet been decided. Only one thing’s for certain: Alexanderplatz is still the biggest public square in any city in Germany.


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