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Baumkronenpfad Beelitz-Heilstätten

It is a short drive

from the centre of Berlin to the south. A meeting of past and future, a mixture of architecture and art are the whole point of this journey.

„More than 100 years ago, the famous “Beelitzer Heilstätten” were created. Nowadays, a unique tree top and time travel path is winding above the World War II ruins of an Alpine house. In the old days, the working population of the imperial capital of Berlin was supposed to recover from the then rampant tuberculosis surrounded by the finest architecture and extensive forest parkways. Ever since, the flow of time with all its exciting developments and of course with many – very different – occupants and visitors has left its distinctive and visible marks. During your visit, you will discover the old buildings which, resembling old castles, exude their very own unrivalled beauty and charm.“

It is unique to walk on the path built between trees and buildings. It is the fascination of the history of this place and at the same time the feeling that nature is still recovering every left part.

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