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Berlin TV Tower

It’s fascinating to behold the city from a different perspective. I’ve always liked it, to climb the highest point in the area and see connections, that you would otherwise never recognize. The TV tower is an ideal view to follow the proceeding of streets and rivers in Berlin.

„The original design of the slender Tower soaring skywards was devised by the GDR architect Hermann Henselmann. The sphere of the TV Tower was intended to remind people of the Soviet sputnik satellites and was to light up red, the colour of socialism.

Only one method was considered for constructing the Tower. This is known as “climbing formwork”. The internal steel frame grew more quickly than the external concrete shaft, which was built around the steel frame.

Mounting the sphere at a height of 200 m presented the engineers with a challenge. The load-bearing steel frame of the sphere was initially precast on the ground. The segments were heaved up using cranes and then secured on the circular platform which forms the final section of the concrete shaft.“

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