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Gasometer Berlin Schöneberg

It is always a good option

to see a metropolis from above. One sees the structure, can orient itself at prominent points and has the happiness of the breadth of the horizon. The gasometer in Schöneberg is a very special vantage point. It takes a little courage to climb the 80-meter-high construct. Above you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view. You stand free, separated from the abyss by a waist-high railing and the wind blows.
On the top you are higher than a crane standing next to it. I have rarely seen a crane from above. Flocks of birds fly almost at eye level and when you climb up in the early evening, you see the sun setting over the city. Perfectly.

„The Gasometer in Schöneberg is one of the most impressive vantage points in the capital. The industrial monument rises almost 80 metres high into the sky above Berlin. But it is not only courageous and vertigo-free visitors who get their money’s worth here.

Close to heaven

The Gasometer in Berlin went into operation in 1913 and has been a listed building since 1994. After its original use as a low-pressure gas container, it was used as an advertising space, event room, and television studio. It became especially well-known due to a political talk show with Günther Jauch from 2011 to 2015. Today, the site around the prominent vantage point houses the EUREF Campus: a location for companies from the fields of mobility, energy, and sustainability. In addition to international companies, there are also venues and changing exhibitions on the extensive grounds and in the Gasometer premises.“

From the Website Visit Berlin

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