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Stralau peninsula

Berlin and water belong together.

The thought to go on a ramble is often associated with a visit of a river bank, Many ways lead along rivers, canals or lakes.

The Stralau peninsula

is surrounded by the river Spree and the Lake Rummelsburg.
It is one of the oldest settlement centres in today’s Berlin area. Finds from the Stone Age refer to this. The circular walk leads past new and old houses, the old village cemetery, which has existed since at least 1412. From the middle of the 18th century, the first Berliners built their summer houses here. Stralau and the Rummelsburger Bucht are also considered the birthplace of sailing in Germany. The first „Society for the Promotion of Sporty Sailing“ was established here in the 1830s and numerous sailing clubs (BJC) were founded in the 1860s.

With the beginning of industrialization in Berlin, numerous companies were also established here. The development was largely driven by the opening of the Stralau-Rummelsburg station (in 2018: Berlin-Ostkreuz) in 1882. In the northwestern part of the peninsula, numerous large industrial companies such as the Schaarschuhsche Brewery (from 1917: Engelhardt Brewery), the Stralau Glassworks or boatyards settled.

So you stroll in an area steeped in history and always have a wonderful view of the water.

„The riverside path round the Stralau peninsula is three kilometres long and takes you past self-built houseboats, reed beds, lush green pastures, shady chestnut trees and tiny marinas where the sailing boats sway. The waters of the river Spree and Lake Rummelsburg sparkle in the sun. On the north side, your eyes are drawn to the Knabenhäuser, the former orphanages in Rummelsburg. On the south side you can see the Insel der Jugend, the big wheel in the Spree parkand the spacious Treptower Park. This is where Berlin – and its Friedrichshain district – shows its idyllic side.“ (Website


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